“We Have Your Daughter”
Written by David Kushner, Insider
March 20th, 2022
The terrified father paid the ransom. Then he found his kid where he least expected her. Criminals are staging a devious new kind of kidnapping — and the FBI is stumped.
Lunch Ladies
Written by David Kushner, Disruptor
November 12th, 2021
An All-American school cafeteria heist
Starship Tweedy
Written by David Kushner, Disruptor
October 21st, 2021
I spoke with Wilco's Jeff Tweedy about his new newsletter, Starship Casual, losing his parents, and how his stage persona almost destroyed him. "It turned into things that were killing me," he says.
Renaissance, Texas
Written by David Kushner, Disruptor
September 26th, 2021
Fantasy and murder at the world's biggest Renaissance festival.
The Future of Nature Therapy Is Psychedelic
Written by David Kushner, Outside
September 20th, 2021
Oregon voters have opened the door to treating mental illness with substances like ketamine and psilocybin. In a peek at the future, our seeker attends a backwoods retreat where patients get help from a powerful combination of drugs and the outdoors.